Do you want your Retail company to be one connected community driving towards the purpose?

Do you want your Retail company to be one connected community driving towards the purpose_Retail ViVA

Businesses run better when people are connected.  It is, even more, better when they connect to the relevant group to achieve a common purpose.  Companywide instant communication is becoming an important tool to leverage better and quicker results

Millennials today desire quick communication and feel very easy to connect with anyone to achieve their purpose.  Often, in an organization, we see silos of human hierarchy, which functions in a not so connected manner, frustrating the Millennials.  Instant communication tools have become the torchbearer to solve this important cultural issue and help businesses flourish.  After all, time lost is customer lost or profits lost.

If you are a dispersed organization by geographies, it is also important that we connect them closely to bridge the geographical distances.  The use of instant communication tools makes and feels everyone is connected, and distance gets buried.  You see an inclusive organization and inclusiveness is very important to drive that one purpose for which the organization is striving for.

There are external communication tools that organizations use to get this connected community culture in an organization.  What if it is embedded into your ERP auto triggering group communication for action and allow the community to address that instantly.  Rather than using a general instant collaboration tool, it is better to use an ERP embedded tools that senses and auto groups people to communicate, avoiding all the pollutive overload that these types of tools can create.  Get the alerts in-group community form, exchange ideas quickly by way of chat, act, and flourish is the norm these tools set, and it works, and it works to efficiency!

Social communication tools have become a habit for people in their personal lives, so will be corporate and ERP embedded communication tools as well.  Employees, who see them as one community through these tools, will want to use them, rather than seeing it as something they are forced to use.

We embedded our “Tetra” tool in our Retail ViVA ERP precisely for this reason so that the whole organization can see, feel and act as one community, driven to one purpose

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(Ragu)nathan Kannan


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