No, you should not say “No” to NoCode: It’s rocking

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NoCode development refers to a platform or tools that help non-developers to create computer software applications without writing even a single line of code. Traditionally computer programmers write code in a preferred computer language to develop software applications. Every business change had to go through a circular phase of back-and-forth iterations before a change in the software code can affect the business change. NoCode gives freedom for an end-user to make changes as business demands and eliminates the dependence on programmers. The whole purpose of NoCode is to make people who are not programmers to produce applications without writing a single line of code.

What is NoCode?

NoCode solutions are end-to-end solutions used by people who are not programmers to create and update web applications and websites using pre-configured graphical user interface artifacts. NoCode allows non-developers to modify, build and deploy software programs without knowing how to program in a programming language or working as programmers. When non-programmer wants to change an existing software program, they can’t do it. With NoCode, one can easily make any change as they choose.

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The Future of NoCode

The Future belongs to Citizen Developer who wants to do things as it demands. They would like to change the software code to suit the new business model or new business process, a new idea, or a new strategy. They also would like to do it immediately and assess the impact instantly. If these have to happen at such a speed of thinking, it can only be done using a NoCode platform. The traditional software development process consumes quite time to make software code changes in an agile manner and thus does not suit a dynamic modern enterprise that is always exploratory. Perpetual innovation is the art of success in the 21st century, and NoCode is the means to achieving it. NoCode has gained momentum in the recent past and is here to stay, with more traction in the years to come. Slowly, we feel all developers will turn into Citizen Developers with many NoCode platforms coming into the market.


Programmers have needed a solution for a long time and when it comes to coding it faster to situations. Only innovation can solve the problem, and one such innovative solution is the NoCode platform. It doesn’t matter how you have been designing, programming or developing a software program until now but when it comes to scaling up the system you are building, then there is no substitute for NoCode platforms. NoCode platforms have scaled to demonstrate increased flexibility, scalability reliability, and quality. In Retail ViVA, 15 modules are built using our NoCode platform CodeSelfie and thus have high scalability to changing needs. We built Retail ViVA to suit modern retailers who are hungry for innovating all through to create a better customer experience.

Written by
(Ragu)nathan Kannan