Success Stories

Jacks of Fiji 2010

Jacks of Fiji is an established retail company in Fiji Islands, serving local as well as foreign tourists. They specialize in selling local Fijian handicrafts and enhancing the livelihood of local Fijian craftspeople. Jacks wanted to integrate all their operations into a Single solution approach, getting away from silos of solutions they were using before the implementation of Retail ViVA. With the implementation of Retail ViVA, Jacks enhanced their efficiency by standardization and absolute automation.

Vision Investments Limited

Vision Investments Limited is a diversified and progressive public company listed on the South Pacific Stock Exchange. Vision is amongst the largest companies on the stock exchange and has diversified business operations including Retail, Automotive, Industrial, Renewables, Manufacturing and Finance. The Company embarked on a transformational journey with Sathguru's Retail ViVA retail ERP software in 2009 after evaluating other ERP products. This partnership, based on trust, competence, and innovation, has evolved over 15 years, from legacy systems to modern digital solutions, culminating in the full-scale digital transformation of Vision's operations.