Preparedness for moving from traditional to Omnichannel Retail

Preparedness for moving from traditional to Omnichannel Retail

Many of our legacy retailers are exploring change to being digital and omnichannel with objective of providing unique experiences to their customers.  Any transformation of this nature can’t be accomplished unless the enterprise has got its basics in place.  The core enterprise resource planning modules must be in full stabilised shape with an integrated commerce solution as starting point. 

Blending of traditional business process with new age digital experience process requires careful planning and orchestration.  The change management needs to be handled in a positive and proactive manner.  The concept of intelligently joining the business as usual with newly sought-after channels with matching experiences needs to be supported by an agile ERP technology that can transform traditional business process quickly and on the fly.  Most legacy retailers suffer due to their current ERP being incapable of matching other channel’s modern experience base.

When customer becomes the centre point, all legacy processes must stand to change to meet customer expectations.  Today’s customer loves to engage and transact with multiple devices, sometime physical, sometimes digital and sometimes in combination.  The young, affluent and digitally savvy customers are inquisitive about using the right channel that suits them at that moment.  They switch their choices according to their convenience and the difficult promise to provide the same experience to customers merits detailed attention

Most retail ERP products do not cover all business functions, forcing retailers to choose multiple software and spend time and energy on integration to have omnichannel setup. This also enlarges the time a traditional retailer’s desire to project themselves beyond their store to the customer.  With agile ERP, the technology layer can be quite easier to adapt to creating newer experience in traditional channel as well.  That’s why we built most modules of our retail ERP, Retail ViVA, in no-code platform, providing that agility to enterprises to change their traditional business model quickly to match to modern channels design.

After all, Retail is no more about customer satisfaction, it is about consistent customer experiences and omnichannel is no more a top floor offering, it is just a shop floor offering.

Written by
(Ragu)nathan Kannan

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