Using AI for supporting contextually relevant and on-demand information

Using AI for supporting contextually relevant and on-demand information

Today’s business world is competitive, full of intelligent strategies to create new brand vibes and experiences. Strategic intentions require the weighing of various alternatives. Today’s data science algorithms facilitate data analytics, presentation, and visualization and thus become a sound decision support system. However, the challenge still lies in getting context-relevant information during the decision-making process. Even if the relevance is adequate, the question of intelligent information to decision-making on-demand comes next

When you are in the moment of strategic decision making, you often find that you are short of that one or two unanticipated critical relevant information to make the right decision. The pre-set analytics or data visualizations need to be re-drawn to another created moment aborting the current moment where a reasonable amount of time invested in making a decision. A second moment has its own warm-up time and thus, cumulatively, we spend more time to make the right and intelligent decision. Most corporate decisions are made not in one moment, and delay in decision-making is one of the most inefficient processes that pull down an organizational success. Unless you have context-relevant information on demand, you need another moment and another moment and so on.

Any information system should facilitate providing information to users as they demand so that all moments are fulfilling with full set of information to make the right decision. This way, you don’t need to anticipate a variety of information needs and prepare for it. The foundation information for the decision making can get prepared in advance, but all artifacts of information surrounding them should be accessible on demand.

To solve this problem, we built “Tulsi,” our AI-powered on-demand information bot, which then brings up information from our Retail ViVA database to the user’s command. In any moment of your meetings, you can get all contextual information to make your intelligent strategic decision.

A real on-demand information system is the one retailer look for today. Like a stitch in time saves nine, a decision in time may save hundreds of dollars! A modern Retail ERP system must have on-demand information provision for saving precious management time.

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(Ragu)nathan Kannan


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