Tetra: Brand identity

Tetra-Brand identity

Tetra, our embedded collaboration tool, auto-creates groups and thus facilitates seamless collaboration. The intelligent grouping which ERP does when creating new grouped collaboration threads is one of the hallmarks of our ERP embedded collaboration tool. The collaboration is so native that it understands the whole context of transactions to crate the right grouping and unify communication for effective decision making. The Tetra logo was designed by us to portray this unique intuitive communication and collaboration invisibly created by our ERP.

Tetra fishes school together in unison and instantly changes direction without colliding is always a sight to watch in any aquarium. They move so seamlessly as if they all have one single mind. In this unison approach, they never collide with each other. What a way they perform their act of schooling and moving. This marvellous piece of their movement is the inspiration of our logo and name of our collaboration tool.

Our Tetra favours one(same) way of thinking and one(same) way of doing and one(same) way of communicating. This one way of doing, without any collision of mind, favours utmost business collaboration and paves the way for grouped people to achieve that one purpose. In the 21st century designed flat organization structure, our Tetra facilitates all of them moving in unison as if there is one commandant, but they are more controlled as self-commandants in the same tandem to achieve that one purpose.

No one has ever figured out the complexity of how Tetra fishes move in unison without colliding, leaving the impressive unison movement as a treatise to your eyes. Similarly, our ERP handles the complexity of grouping or schooling relevant people to facilitate collaboration, making it simple and awesome to use and achieve the purpose.

Our Tetra is a pleasurable experience for every user, leaving all the complexity handling within Retail ViVA ERP. Enjoy the flow of our Tetra when you use our Retail ViVA ERP

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