The Power of QR Codes in Retail: How Useful are they?

Why Retailers Should Be Using QR Codes | Retail ERP

Retailers can use QR codes to drive traffic to their website or landing page or any call-to-action page in a simple scan & go way for the mobile users. Retailers can also send discount coupons through QR codes or send a similar call to action for after-sales service making it very simple for users. In the current contactless environment, it can help to confirm delivery by customers through a simple scan of QR code on the delivery pack. You can get feedback from your customers through QR code usage or even help them download a mobile APP in seconds without any complexity.

What are QR codes, and what can they do?

QR codes are like bar codes but more secure, and most electronic devices have them. Most mobile phones come with the in-built capability to read QR codes and display their content or action. For example, you can scan QR codes in shops to find products or their features. This helps the customers to find the right one quickly. You can use QR codes for promotional purposes such as sending a discount coupon, free games coupons and other offers etc. Customers can confirm delivery by scanning QR codes. You can make payment easy through the use of QR codes. The ability to embed even call-to-action information in QR codes makes it multi-purpose oriented and Retailers can exploit this feature to their best of imagination in making it easy and intuitive for customers and other stakeholders. As mobile devices are becoming more powerful and are equipped with advanced scanners, retailers can even convert a QR code to a barcode for easier scanning. Further, retailers can customise application needs according to the technology of QR code through their innovation.

What can QR codes do for customers?

When scanned with a mobile phone, a QR code can convert it to an image, text or even a barcode with no distortion. By default, we can see any kind of image in the QR code in a live mode which allows customers to share an image via social media or e-mail. It helps customers to avoid the hassle of typing a web address or perform multiple instructional steps to achieve their purpose. In the current era of contactless payment, it helps immensely to pay at check-out by simple scan in seconds.


Retailers and their brands should take advantage of the evident QR code trend. As QR codes are now quickly and widely adopted by web users as a mobile web interaction tool, the retailers need to be using them more and more to retain their customers. Retail ViVA is QR code ready, and we integrated it at multiple instances to improve customer experience. Any modern Retail ERP must have extensive use of QR code integration to save time, build efficiency and enhance customer experience.

Written by
(Ragu)nathan Kannan