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Delight, engage, repeat – Elevate Customer Experience with Retail ViVA

Customer experience is all about creating a good perception of your brand in your customer’s mind. Retailers design processes to give the best of experience to their Customers across their touchpoints. This is only possible if you are running a modern Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that is able to connect with Customers at every touch point and seek information on their experience. Until Customers perceive their experience to be uniform across all touchpoints, Customers are not going to be rating a Retailer of good experience and show loyalty for repeat purchases.

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Customer experience in Retail ViVA

Customers feel the experience a Retailer is providing while doing shopping. A Retailer may not be able to survive just with innovative products and competitive prices. Unless good customer experience is designed and provided, customer loyalty can’t be enhanced. Thus Customer Experience has become a vital strategy for all Retailers, be it small or big. Customer Experience is created by the Retailer which can be explicitly sensed by Customers in a way that positive experiences linger in their mind and pulls them to make the Retailer their first choice.

While Retailers design the Customer Experience process, they need to be constantly seeking feedback from Customers to understand whether the experience, in fact, is providing a positive experience across all touchpoints. Retailers use a feedback loop to seek this information as many occasions as possible, while making such process simple and quick.

Retail ViVA’s Customer Experience module provides an automatic approach to gather feedback from Customers across touch points through user-level configurations and analyses those results for areas of improvement. The digital customer journey that Retail ViVA propagates and provides makes the first positive experience to customers. Retailers can build upon that first positive experience through using NoCode platform tools that Retail ViVA is made of.


  • Easy and self-service configuration of feedback loop at every customer touch point
  • Speedy strategy formulation for experience improvement in areas where Customer perception is rated low
  • Analytics on enhancement of Customer experience perception of repeat customers and formulating action thereof
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


  • Integrated customer experience module with flexible survey and other tools
  • Effective monitoring of customer feedback until its satisfactory disposal including internal process changes
  • Single view of multiple customer experience feedback for unified analysis and improvement recognition

Retail ViVA is designed to provide utmost importance

to the Customer Experience and creating value to Customers by way of unified definition of experience across Retail touchpoints.

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