Campaign Management

Strategic campaigns, tangible results – Power up with Retail ViVA Campaign

Today’s Marketing is being at the place where the Customer is. The Customer may be mobile-friendly, web-savvy, social media active or in-store visitor. You have to reach the Customer at the channel of their choice, and more importantly, with a personalized campaign message.

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campaign management in Retail ViVA

With personalization becoming the key to enhancing Customer experience, it’s time for retailers to make the shift from ‘Customer interaction’ to ‘Customer engagement’. Retailers rethink processes, creating a connected engagement enabled by the meaningful application of technology. Retailers need to optimize customer interactions across channels in a consistent manner that customers gladly accept and move forward to favor the Retailers with their purchases.

Retail ViVA’s Campaign Management module allows to organize, measure, and control the effectiveness of marketing management with the Customer. Plan or schedule Campaigns weekly or periodically for the selected financial year (FY), customize the Campaign templates, track your Campaign by recording details such as Budget, Actual Cost, Expected Revenue from the Campaign, duration, and many more. With the campaign detail, run reports to know the Return on Investment (ROI), highest revenue campaigns, and so on. The Campaign can be focused on specific target segment, and blasted through multi-communication channels. Analytics and feedback loop helps to reorganize future campaigns for better ROI.


  • Customize templates
  • Advance Campaign planning for entire year
  • Integration with standard mailing software and reverse integration of Campaign templates
  • Know your Campaign’s Return on Investment (ROI) and monitor through constant analytics
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


  • Easy to setup Campaign and run it within minutes based on selection rules and choice of channels
  • Personalized Campaign with code and monitor conversions
  • Store Campaigns for future use and repeat them easily in seasons

With Retail ViVA's integrated Omni Channel Retail Campaign Management module

Retailers are enabled to build customer loyalty, increase average spend and drive repeat purchases, driving incremental revenue and profitability.

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