Time and Attendance

Precision in time, excellence in attendance

The Workforce is the largest expense in the Retail industry next to merchandising cost. Workforce is also the most precious asset that can build a brand, leave an impactful experience to customers, and can improve performance through their thoughtful mind. A productive and disciplined workforce can do wonder for Retailers, improving business results, and accelerating growth.

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Time and Attendance Management in Retail ViVA

Modern digital Time and Attendance management solutions are known for their reliability and accuracy, as they collect and process data in real-time. With reliable and accurate time tracking functionality, Retailers can achieve great insights into true labor costs and analyze productive and non-productive hours. With the integration of the ERP Attendance Management module with Human Resource Management (HRM) solutions, Retailers are equipped with a complete package to manage their workforce and enhance their efficiency.

Retail ViVA’s comprehensive Time and Attendance Management solution is flexible, easy-to-use, and with feature-rich built-in modern functionalities. Late and Early clock in/out times with automatic notifications to reporting manager / HR manager, submission of time off requests, and more. With an intuitive user interface, Retailers can eliminate manual time recording and errors. Further, integration with workforce roster module, Time and Attendance management solution works to its best, without needing to do any manual adjustment or corrections for attendance processing


  • Accurately record employee’s clock in and clock out time based on rostered location
  • Real time integration and visibility on the work Calendar for better team management
  • Seamless integration with Payroll module for pay processing
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


  • Employee Self-service (ESS) module for time and attendance recording
  • Get visibility of your team member’s attendance with our MIS reports
  • Full integration with Human Capital Management (HCM) helps to have one glance of attendance on official duties like training, off-site etc.

Retail ViVA’s Time & Attendance module

makes it easy to record attendance with just one click and get insights and view on the team’s daily/weekly/monthly attendance and work location based on rostered timing.

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