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Customer empowerment simplified – Unlock possibilities with ViVA Customer Portal

With the current Retail industry experiencing transformation occurring at a rapid pace and Customer Centricity being a key success driver for Retailers, modern Retailers are looking for innovative ways to provide personalized Customer experience. Retailers of all types are rushing to Customer Convenience and Automation to provide information on demand to their Customers.

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Payroll in Retail ViVA

Customers prefer to interact with Retailers as per their convenience. While some may desire to interact actively with Customer representatives, some may prefer to do passive by way of Customer portal. Interacting through the Customer Portal gives Customers the choice of doing it in their leisure time, rather than adjusting to Retailers’ customer service timings.

Customer Portal is self-service web portals that can be accessed by Customers without needing to go through a customer service agent. Technology savvy customers prefer to do it themselves through a portal rather than taking support from a customer support agent. Customer Portals are often comprehensive to cover all possible interaction points a customer desires so that self-service is factored end-to-end. This also frees up Retailer’s manpower resources, reducing the cost of operations.


  • Customized view with relevant information for each customer
  • Collaborative and communicative approach to make customers active in Customer Portal
  • Intuitive user interface makes Customers find information easily without stress and trials
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


  • Improves customer service levels and builds customer loyalty
  • Improves information visibility, transparency and accuracy
  • Reduced manpower usage due to self-service by customers

Retail ViVA’s inbuilt and innovative Customer Portal module

provides full information for customers to get answers to their queries on their own. The integrated Customer Portal of Retail ViVA helps Retailers to remain ahead of the game as their Customers have smart access to historical and relevant information in real-time and at their time of convenience.

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