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The fast-moving Retail industry is one of the largest employer in any country with constant hiring needs. A Retailer needs good pay administration process so that full cycle of a Hire to Pay process is complete with sound end-to-end automation. Every Retail business must have modern Payroll Management solution.

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Payroll in Retail ViVA

Our Payroll software module is bundled with other Human Resource processes in a manner of one unified, comprehensive module, be it taking time work and other hours from Time & Attendance, be it eligible leave pay for leave management, be it statutory deductions configured in pay revisions, or be it voluntary deductions favored by employees. The result is that you get an integrated Payroll Management System that can manage your pay runs with ease, accuracy and comfort.

Our flexible pay definition is customized to Retail Industry needs and practices as part of our Retail ERP solution. Our “Do it Yourself” styled definitions are easy for any functional business user to operate without needing external support for the definition and maintenance.

Retail ViVA’s Payroll Management Solution offers seamless Payroll process, automating the management of employees' salaries, wages, bonuses and deductions. All functions from hiring an employee to its final termination in the organization; various sub components such as Personnel management, organizational management and time management is fully integrated to meet all essential business needs. Our solution offers online access to payroll information, so employee labor costs can be tracked and monitored which is often one of the highest expense of a Retailer. Our Payroll totally integrates with General Ledger, Sub Ledger allows standardization and cutting down the time involved in various manual processes and increasing operational efficiency.


  • Flexible pay calculation set up for all pay, allowances and deductions
  • Integrated payroll management with other component systems of Human Resources into one unified payroll software module
  • View analytical data to highlight any discrepancies between the current and previous Payroll runs
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


  • Our Payroll is fully integrated with General Ledger, Sub Ledgers allowing you to standardize and automate processes to increase operational efficiency
  • Flexible pay runs of weekly, fortnightly or monthly as per Retailer’s policy
  • Integration with Employee Self Service for pay slip view and other payroll related services
  • Internal control of sequential payroll actions through checklist of completed steps

Our new-age and fully integrated Payroll Management System

is made for Retail industry with thorough understanding of retail industry practices with objective of end-to-end automation for all sizes of Retailers.

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