Human Capital Management (HCM)

Human Capital Management (HCM) in Retail ViVA

The Retail industry is always in an evolving state, truly proving the maxim of “Change is constant” Retailers need to be dynamic to be relevant to changing times and grow. This can only be possible when a Retailer’s internal customers i.e., their employees put in their best. Retail Workforce Management plays a pivotal role in an industry where a couple of bad shopping experience can make a loyal customer to switch to another retailer. Repeat purchases by loyal customers increases the overall productivity and happiness of employees, in turn, productive and happy employees work harder towards acquiring more customers. Human Resource (HR) departments in Retail industry are increasingly adopting modern Retail ERP systems, which has integrated Human Capital Management (HCM) bundled to automate and manage hire to retire process.

Our Human Capital Management (HCM) module takes care every aspect of Retail Workforce Management and designed for paperless digital experience. With integrated e-signature, flexible creation of survey on the fly and self-service document design, we empower users to be dynamic to quickly reorient for changing needs. As much as a Retail employer wants employees to impress customers, Retail ViVA’s Human Capital Management (HCM) module handles end-to-end Retail Workforce Management so that internal customers i.e., employees get impressed and thus motivated to impress customers.


  • Paperless digital Human Capital Management (HCM) solution with integrated user centric tools for enhanced efficiency
  • One unified solution covering entire spectrum of business process from hire to retire
  • Integrated with Enterprise Content Management (ECM)for document store of all Human Resource (HR) communications and documents
  • Self-service analytics for multi-dimensional view of Human Resource (HR) information


  • Employee self-service empowers users to meet their own Human Resource (HR) needs
  • Intuitive user interface built on NoCode platform that is flexible to change for emerging Human Resource (HR) trends by business users
  • Ability to connect with remote employees in a personalized manner through our Tetra collaboration tool

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