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The Retail industry is one of the most competitive industries with the rise of electronic shopping (ecommerce, mcommerce etc.) and store expansions by national and international Retailers. In an ever-shifting Retail environment, managers need to be investing as much time as possible in understanding and meeting the desires of the consumer if they are to achieve success in the future.

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Roster Management in Retail ViVA

Given the complexity of the modern Retail environment, managers need to have full visibility of staff across multiple stores so they can optimize their Store operations during peak and non-peak hours. In order to achieve optimizing their Store operations, modern Retailers are adopting to automate workforce management, helping them to reduce costs, cuts time spent on admin, and optimally perform staff roster employees to meet customer demands.

When there are employees working in different shifts in different time zones Roster Management module is an important functionality for Retail organizations that work on multiple shifts. Retail ViVA’s integrated Roster Management module has comprehensive Roster management and scheduling features that allow Retailers to stay in complete control of their store timings. Retail ViVA’s Roster management module simplifies the processes and tasks associated with shift workers, making workforce planning seamless and effective.

Make the complex Roster problems easy with Retail ViVA’s Roster module that comes with the most flexible and configurable features. Roster integration with Time and Attendance makes it easy for viewing, scheduling, and tracking workforce schedules. Our calendar feature in the Roster entry form gives you insights on resource availability based on various categories. Retail ViVA’s Roster management module let go off the administrative burden Retailers has to face so that they can focus more on growing their Retail store.


  • Improve your operational and store efficiency by rostering right resources at right place at the right time
  • Our Calendar feature in Roster entry form gives you insights on resource availability based on various categories
  • Allows to configure minimum or maximum time an employee can be scheduled based on contractual obligations
  • Instantly notify your staff on new or changes in Roster dates and time
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


  • Roster multiple staff at multiple locations in a single go
  • Seamless integration with our Time and Attendance module with Roster allows tracking staff attendance instantly
  • Adjust your Roster to meet all KPI, total hours, cost, pay-rates and so on
  • A single view with various filter criteria allows to get real time insights on staff’s work location

Overall, our Retail ViVA’s Roster Management module

has a range of clever features to make the process of building, budgeting and communicating staff rosters seamless and efficient. The Roster can be adjustable to meet all KPI’s including total hours, labor cost, pay-rates etc.

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