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Content control, business advantage – Streamline with Retail ViVA Enterprise Content Management

Retail enterprises are made of many departments, each of them performing their own specialist area of operation. The sourcing department is involved in buying goods, delivery department in delivering goods to customers, after-sales does warranty maintenance, Branding department does corporate branding activities, and so on. Technology needs to be designed to connect and interlink them so that perfect coordination can be achieved in the overall context of achieving the corporate purpose. Technology needs to be designed to connect all of them for inter-communication, inter-exchange of documents, and inter-commands. While doing so, Retailers need to achieve for it to be one source of truth rather than two different versions of the truth. This can only be achieved if the connect is absolute to cover communication, content (like documents etc.,) and processes. Enterprise Content Management (ECM) helps to connect everyone on digital content by creating a central repository of the content store and helping enterprise store all content with secured and searchable access based on governance rules.

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Enterprise Content Management (ECM) in Retail ViVA

The inter-exchange of documents can be of any digital content that is common to more than one department. There could also be digital content that could be just proprietary to one department alone. Retail Enterprises need to avoid multiple storages of digital content and efficiently create one placeholder for every content that can be commonly accessed per governance rules. Enterprise Content Management (ECM) modules take care of this need for common storage and common access, avoiding duplicate movement and storage of digital content widespread across the Retail Enterprise. Further, a modern Retail ERP must have Enterprise Content Management (ECM) integrated to sync process flow with the content flow and achieve an efficiency of content access in seconds. Retail Enterprises’ content has become paperless more or less and thus digital content has grown beyond imagination. Further, regulations require customer-related content to be stored between 3 and 7 years before it can be destroyed. With paperless office and stores, and repetitive digital content created for every retail transaction, Retail Enterprises must focus on having good integrated Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system.

Modern Retailers are empowered by Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Software to more efficiently track documents, distribute and retrieve reports, comply with industry regulations, enhance customer service quality and efficiency, manage the vendor contract approval/amendment process, and much more. Further, their multi-geography spread, and organization structure of Central Management and decentralized store operations makes it obligatory for them to manage enterprise content centrally for achieving access efficiency.


  • Unification of digital content storage and access across the Retail Enterprise in a consistent and governance controlled manner
  • Accountability for content access brings in timely and disciplined access by users
  • Auto movement of content based on storage life cleans up content to leave needed content alone for usage access
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


  • Efficient content management process in one central repository across Retail Enterprise
  • Standard tag and taxonomy helps quick access of content in seconds without needing to search in different folders
  • Clearly defined access rights for digital content helps to implement governance rules easily

Retail ViVA’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Module

is central to all other modules and all digital content from any other module is automatically designed to store in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) with password and governance access. Further, content access is granted as per governance rules. Retail ViVA also smartly tags content with taxonomy for easy search making content accessible from anywhere and everywhere. Rule-based content movement from active to archive to deletion can be configured by users. Retail ViVA’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Integration across its Retail ERP is par excellence, unifying content management processes across the Retail Enterprise for blissful employee experience.

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