Project Management

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Planning and execution have become two key aspects of corporate success factors. Teams need to collaborate better towards planning and execution and every corporate must provide all necessary tools for achieving the same. Be it organized project management or simple task management or even more simply “just get things done”, all of this needs some degree of project management techniques.

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Project Management in Retail ViVA

In the Retail environment, because of its dynamic characteristics, there are always some new initiatives under implementation. These initiatives, often called Projects, are initiated with a specific set of goals to be achieved. When multiple team members get involved in such projects, it is imperative that all of them are aligned and understand the set goals in a like-to-like manner. All projects have definitive timelines and milestones. Sub-activities in projects are assigned to either individual employee or to teams working in unison but with clear accountability. As activities get completed and reported by individuals who are assigned, project progress is known to all project team members and thus Project Management system helps to organize and indirectly communicate project progress.

Project Management is the ability to plan, organize, manage, secure, lead, and control resources so that specified goals are met in the project. In the Retail industry, it’s all about the resources. Gain an accurate understanding of resource workload and capture actual consistently so that the Retailers can ensure their resources are allocated to projects they should be working on. Project Management is therefore used in a Retail business so that the defined goals of the project and objectives are met with primary constraints like scope, time, quality and budget honored.

Tasking is an important component of projects and every project management system provides utmost importance to task management. Tasks are presented in a granular manner that can be independently accomplished with a specific time frame allocated to it. Several parallel tasks are simultaneously assigned to employees so that project activities can happen parallelly and project goals achieved at the shortest possible time.


  • Assign tasks through simple interface and in a quick manner
  • Ability to link standard checklists to tasks in order to provide organized guidance in task execution
  • Plan tasks in advance to understand resource occupancy and subsequent actual resource utilization
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


  • Achieve project goals on time without resource constraints
  • Employees have clarity on what to perform and by when to perform
  • Synchronize project execution by managing project plans, resource mobilization, information, documents

With Retail ViVA’s Project Management Module

modern Retailers can manage to get their employees on board in one module with multi-view of projects and their activities, develop a sense of collaboration to address project jerks, dynamically take care to change the scope of tasks in a consensus manner, and meet deadlines. With a simple and intuitive drag and drop interface, tasks can be created in seconds and team collaboration can be achieved through integrated Tetra collaboration tools. Project Management System allows the Retailers to be in full control of their respective shop floor and back-of-store operations, and ensure tasks are completed at the right time, by the right person within a stipulated time frame.

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