Service Contract and Warranty Management

Service excellence, warranty assurance

Traditionally, Retailers have been selling warranty products when they sell durable products to customers. Earlier popularly known as “After-sales service” or “Service and Repair”, Retailers treated this as a subordinated activity stemming out of original product sale. Modern Retail changed the landscape to capitalize this activity as a) handling of another customer touchpoint to impress; b) creating a memorable customer experience to enhance loyalty, and c) creating a new strategic business unit to enhance revenue streams. The shift in service activity focus from secondary to primary activity drove innovation in the automation of service life-cycle with customer experience objective in mind.

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Service Contract and Warranty Management in Retail ViVA

Service innovation triggered new ways of delivering and enhancing customer experience in service contract and warranty management. Service analytics further profiled brand and fault analysis to focus, monitor, and prevent service requests. Whether it is prevention or cure, each of these was taken as an opportunity to connect with customers and enhance the experience. The faster response was the mantra that Retailers sang to their customers and managed the service workforce accordingly. Managing service parts was another critical factor where brand and fault analytics played a crucial role, improving optimum spare parts inventory maintenance.

Retail ViVA’s Service Contract and Warranty Management module is designed on the fundamentals of enhancing Retailer’s profile in the era of the experience economy and, more particularly, enhancing it even in the difficult situation of handling a customer when a product is not functioning to her/his expectations. The sensitivity of warranty service, the fastest turnaround and visibility of pathway to closure were kept in mind while designing the module. Further, the experience of handling over 1 million service requests in our module has proven the way to perfection of this delicate system. With our Service Contract and Warranty Management module in place, Retailers can get the edge over the competition by creating a better experience economy to their customers and handle this delicate service management in a confident manner. The module covers entire life-cycle from service request creation until delivery and feedback management from customers.


  • Entire life-cycle management from service claim creation until delivery
  • Auto trigger of feedback loop from Customers to identify and improve customer experience
  • Integration with all other relevant modules, providing 360 degree view of warranty as a profit center
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


  • Absolute control on promised customer service levels vs achievement for analysis and process re-configuration
  • High scalability to new innovations in customer experience economy as being built using our NoCode platform
  • Brand fault analytics helps drive sales strategies and increase trust and loyalty with customers

Retail ViVA’s Service Contract and Warranty Management module

efficiently provide Retailers, the ability to define service call requirements, manage and control service contracts, launch service and repair requests, receive and track which products are damaged, proactively report on the customer’s repair progress, and ship/bill the customer with accuracy. With build-in up-to-the-minute service and repair order tracking and with online historical data functionality, Retailers ascertain the status of a customer’s service order for creating a better experience economy for their customers and earn appreciation.

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