Embedded Self-Service Reporting & Analytics

Data insights, your way – Empower decisions with Retail ViVA

Self-service analytics is about enabling end-users of Retail ERP to perform their own data analytics through non-programmatic methods. This gives the power of doing their own analytics to users without needing to depend on central information technology department to support them. Self-service analytics allows users to analyze data as they need and brings a concept of “on-demand” analytics to reality. The freedom of doing it on their own without depending on centralized information technology resources gives users the power of taking control of their own analytics and create actionable insights out of data related to their own area of operations.

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Embedded Self-Service Analytics in Retail ViVA

Consumer demands and expectations have skyrocketed in the fast-paced life of the twenty-first century. The traditional triangular model of business users to Central Information Technology (IT) to Business Intelligence (BI) service provider consumed substantial time delaying immediate actionable insights and decision making. Modern Retailers demanded quicker and easier methods to gain insights and thus self-service analytics was born. Further to, make the process developer free, embedded self-service analytics came into the rescue where a user can develop her/his own reports or analytics or dashboards. They can then create scenarios to model for changing market conditions.The world of Retail evolves very quickly and the one who adapts to the changing trend first is the one who captures and retains consumer attention. Relying on intuition is no longer enough for success in the Retail industry.

With Retail ViVA’s intelligent and embedded Self Service Analytics module, Retail users can perform queries and produce actionable insights in the form of interactive Dashboards and Reports on the fly without any IT support. Retail ViVA’s infogrid views can be accessed in our embedded Self-Service Analytics module with cascaded security rights and charts/graphs/adhoc reports can be prepared within minutes for comprehension and analysis. These insightful charts are integrated with our Tetra collaboration tool for creating collaborative discussion within minutes and collective wisdom applied before a concrete decision is made.


  • Self-service analytics gives power of data to users in their own hands for effective decision making
  • Users need not depend on central IT or IT service provider thus wasting time to have their insights
  • Data governance and security rights flow seamlessly into self-service analytics module thus protecting organizational data as per governance rules
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


  • Easy to use, 4 simple steps, intuitive and completely at user level actionable steps
  • Easy to circulate and engage in discussions through our Tetra collaboration tool
  • Users ownership of their own data analytics brings out better dimensional insights due to their proximity, process and data knowledge

Our 4S embedded self-service analytics is our own tool natively embedded into Retail ViVA

thus giving unmatched data access subject to data security rights configured in our Retail ERP. Retail ViVA empowers users without dependence on IT or anyone else and is a true self-service Business Intelligence (BI) tool.

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