Point of Sale (POS)

Real-time stock visibility, unified commerce, and omni-channel readiness

Retail Point of Sale (POS) systems are no more mere invoice vending and payment receipt systems in Retail ERP. Modern Retail Point of Sale (POS) systems are epitome of the customer centricity, customer experience and convenience, driven to echo speed, efficiency and transparency. Legacy Point of Sale (POS) systems are stand-alone systems that operate in each store and not centrally connected to one single database and updates are done in batches either over night or whenever feasible. Modern Retail ERP demand online Point of Sale (POS) with real time stock visibility across the entire Retail organization to service customers in the best possible manner.

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Point of Sale (POS) in in Retail ViVA

Modern Point of Sale (POS) software solutions are omni-channel ready with unified commerce capabilities, serving customers to their choice. Current customer trends and retail challenges pose difficulty to Retailers using legacy POS systems as they can’t offer a superior shopping experience to their customers. Retail ViVA’s Point of Sale (POS) module, an important component of Retail ERP, redefines the customer experience by improvising speed-of-service, reduction in transaction time and ensuring all discounts and promotions are offered to customers.

With rich functionality, Retail ViVA’s Point of Sale (POS) module gives flexibility for Retailers to configure various types of Retail sales with ease and comfort and operate a superior Retail ERP product. Customer service agents can provide personalized service and delight customers to better experience. An effective Point of Sale (POS) module with fully integrated functionalities in Retail ERP will go a long way in ensuring smooth running of all of the Retail business operations.


  • Scan Barcode through our Point of Sale (POS) machine to expedite Cash&Go as well as Cash Sales
  • Bulk or Item line discounts with flexibility to enter discount based on amount or percentage
  • Promotions to support various offers and promotions
  • Loyalty management with accrual and redemptions
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


  • Omni Channel capability delivers superior shopping experience to customers
  • Implement business rules through our easy to use parameters in no time
  • Enhance decision making with our comprehensive and integrated MIS reports in Retail ERP
  • IIncrease Productivity across Stores with minimal training with our easy to use Point of Sale (POS) module

Retail ViVA is Sathguru’s modern Retail ERP solution,

build exclusively for Retail industry with enhanced Omni channel capabilities, enabling modern Retailers across the globe in improving business compliance and operations.

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