Offline Point of Sale (POS)

Offline Point of Sale (POS) in Retail ViVA

In modern Retail ERP, the regular Point of Sale (POS) module can work only if internet is available and stable enough to process Point of Sale (POS) transactions. Since Point of Sale (POS) modules are online modules that connect to the server to fetch data, they can’t operate in a non-internet environment.

We recognize that there may be times when internet may be down or unstable and sensitivity of customer service arises then. If we can’t process a transaction when a customer is before a Point of Sale (POS) terminal, a Retailer not only primarily lose the sales but well may lose the customer permanently as well.

For fast-paced and growing Retail operations, the winners of the future will be those that are transforming the customer experience through new technologies, digitizing operations, and putting in place the business continuity systems.

Retail ViVA’s Offline Point of Sale (POS) functionality, is an offline Point of Sale (POS) functioning normally when connecting to server or internet breaks down. Data syncs two-way when online Point of Sale (POS) is functioning so that when you are offline, you have all the data, perform Point of Sale (POS) functional normally including giving currently running offers, schemes and discounts to your customers.

Retail ViVA’s integrated offline Point of Sale (POS) functionality comes with a seamless switch over between online Point of Sale (POS) and offline Point of Sale (POS) in case of server/internet downtime to continue to billing. Offline Point of Sale (POS) powers through and works offline, continuing punch in transactions and serving customers with ease. All sales data is automatically synced once normalcy is restored.


  • Orders made offline are automatically synchronized in background when reconnected
  • Clear on-screen indicator about running in online or offline mode
  • All offers, schemes and discounts operate as configured on the server so that Customers are given the best


  • Servicing customers as usual in spite of connectivity interruptions
  • Easy switch over between online and offline
  • Operating both online and offline Point of Sale (POS) during one-off peak times giving extra capacity to service customers

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