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The Retail industry is extremely competitive. To thrive in today’s increasingly complex Retail market and to have an edge, progressive Retailers are establishing real-time, easy-to-use, web-enabled, and collaborative data sharing Portal that tunnels Supplier partnerships at a deep level.

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Supplier Portal in Retail ViVA

To strengthen Supplier and Retailer relationships, modern Retailers are offering Self-Service Supplier portal functionalities, paving the way for ultra-fast supplier communication and collaboration, resulting in meeting the goals of supply chain performance and consumer expectations.

Retail ViVA’s Supplier Portal module empowers Suppliers to greatly increase their visibility into purchase orders, which is essential for issues such as tracking, settlements, delivery variances, damaged items, and managing overall supply chain imbalances. Retailers can collaborate with their vendors in a secure way. Vendors get self-service ability to perform routine and agreed tasks, avoiding time delays. This also reduces internal resource demands at Retailer level and ultimately reducing manpower cost.

Retail ViVA’s Supplier portal module enables smarter supplier interactions right from on boarding to supply chain transaction visibility and instant communication. The Supplier can manage their own orders from quotation submission, option to bid online/ respond to inquiries, and update advance shipping notices.


  • Online collaboration with suppliers will help to improve supplier service
  • View of purchase orders, shipment details, invoice details, payment details and other correspondences
  • Quicker communication capabilities with Suppliers, improving supply chain efficiency
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


  • Improved efficiency in procure to pay process
  • Improved service levels and reduction of manpower due to self-service options
  • Better collaboration resulting in improved supplier relationship

Retail ViVA’s Supplier Portal is integrated with other modules

like procurement, inventory, finance and Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) for suppliers to get full information relating to their dealing on the portal itself.

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