E Commerce and M Commerce

Global reach, local charm – Redefine retail boundaries with Retail ViVA Commerce

Propelled by increased mobile usage, the launch of 4G, 5G networks, and rising customer lifestyle, the e-commerce and m-commerce market has become part of every retail consumer’s day-to-day life.

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eCommerce in Retail ViVA mCommerce in Retail ViVA

Retail business owners have an opportunity to increase their sales by allowing their products to be chosen by a customer on their smartphones and tablets and giving them, the convenience of shopping on the move according to channels of customer preference.

Customers now expect to be able to interact with any brand seamlessly and consistently with any hardware, anywhere, anytime. The shopping experience that once began and ended in a physical store is now a journey across many channels—online, mobile, in-store and over the phone.

Omnichannel for retail has been a buzzword for the last several years. It represents a strategy Retail businesses are taking to connect the multiple, siloed sales channels they may have and fuse them into one, cohesive and consistent experience across the brand to meet the expectations online shoppers demand. Advanced techniques minimize the time and effort invested in developing and maintaining e-commerce and m-commerce offerings. We have now moved on from Omnichannel to Unified Commerce as the next stage of innovation.


  • Seamless ordering experience to customers across mobile and e-commerce
  • Customer account status inquiry for hire-purchase and ready-finance customers
  • Powerful analytics on customer behaviors, buying patterns and returns
  • White-labeled mobile APP in playstore and Appstore
  • Customize e-commerce website with Retailer’s own look and feel
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


  • Customers can view and search product information, pricing and compare for their buying decision
  • Push notification notifying customer with the ongoing sale and special offers

With our e-commerce and m-commerce integrated modules

Retailers can start their online business immediately and accept credit card payments online. By inherent design of full back-end integration, the storefront gets populated automatically, be it mobile or e-commerce. Retailers can use their existing domain, get a white-labeled mobile APP of their choice and run it with all brand visibility. With the convenience of choosing and switching between in-store, mobile and web, customers get ample opportunities to act and re-act, and Retailers get ample choices to be on the minds of their customers. It is win-win for both.

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