Precision in supply chain, real-time inventory control, and 360° planning

Modern Retailers are offering unparalleled flexibility to Consumers in terms of Order fulfillment options for the goods they procure through digital and various commerce channels.

As Retail business continues to grow, through the launch of new products or new channels or new geographies, the inventory needs become more complex.

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Inventory Management in Retail ViVA

Implementing the best inventory control mechanism can help Retailers manage their supply chain efficiently and maintain tighter control over inventory across the store and warehouse locations.

Our Inventory module updates stocks in real-time and displays available stock for sale, including reservation of stocks that are committed for delivery. Users can plan inventory using Open-to-Buy budgeting tools and monitor for normal and abnormal movement in inventories. Integration with merchandising and procurement module, our Inventory module gives a 360 degree view of inventory planning like allocation, transfer and replenishment. With integrated environment, Retailers can optimize inventory holding costs across locations and adopt smart sourcing to time


  • Receive Goods through Goods Receipt Note (GRN) with or without reference to PR, PO
  • Record all Import/Duty costs and derive at individual item’s landed cost
  • Transfer stock within or outside business units with or without the need for requisition
  • Get real time insights of Inventory levels based on location, product attributes or in transit
  • Post financial ledgers with real time Inventory postings up to Profit and Loss statements
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


  • Integrate multiple PO into a single GRN based on suppliers
  • Record all goods being received and align it to relevant stores
  • Automate creation of PR and PO based on stock replenishment levels
  • Online and real time updating of all stock movement transactions and reservation of stock that are committed for deliveries

Our solution assists our clients in determining

whether they have the right level of inventories and their whereabouts i.e. in-store, in transit, in receiving and so on. Retail ViVA's Inventory Management module seamlessly optimizes store operations to support accurate and real-time inventory.

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