Elevate Retail Experiences, Optimize Operations, Drive Customer-Centric Pricing

Merchandising is an import strategic management process that Retailers adopt with the ultimate objective enticing customers to make the buy decision when there are visiting the stores. Customers are attracted by the way products or services are presented or portrayed in a Retail environment and thereby creating a desire to own or possess the product or avail the service for their benefit. Merchandising refers to a combination of strategies right from what to offer to customers, how to present them to customers, and how much to charge from the customers.

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Merchandising in Retail ViVA

Consumers have an almost unlimited supply of shopping options. From anywhere in the world, most individuals can receive their purchases by the same or next day. Delivering “The Right Products To The Right Customer At The Right Price” from the channel of their choice – has quickly become the defining way to do business in retail. Delivering great customer experiences through Retail merchandising is an art and science.

Merchandising module enables Retailers to reduce the time and efforts it takes them to perform crucial day-to-day merchandising activities from new product introduction to automated replenishment. To manage the Retail lifecycle from planning or buying or receiving through transferring or distributing or selling of goods to perform analysis or revised pricing and then back to planning for the next season, a Real-time Merchandising module for Omni channel retailers is the need of the hour.


  • Advanced Buying and planning of products including onward distribution planning to stores
  • Monitoring assortment movement for better future merchandising decision
  • Integration with Open to Buy decision for smart procurement and timely distribution
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


  • Helps with strategic analysis, management and stock distribution of products in order to maximize profits
  • Record all goods being received and align it to relevant stores
  • Based on past trends and branch wise sales, auto distribution can be enabled linked to store grading
  • Improved sales performance due to Customers temptation to buy products that are smartly merchandised

The Seamlessly Integrated Merchandising module of Retail ViVA

allows multi-store Retailers to leverage best merchandising practices on customer-centric pricing, goods, replenishment & availability. Retail ViVA’s advanced Merchandising module handles matured operations like store planning, auto-replenishment to stores, range planning, auto distribution of shipping’s received, a seasonal adjustment to stock movements, and analyzing fast & slow moving stock items. Merchandising module in Retail ERP are great decision support systems and Retail ViVA’s Merchandising Module goes beyond that even where important elements like distribution can be fully automated based on past patterns.

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