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Retailers often extend credit to their customers capitalizing on the customer’s tendency to buy more when credit is offered. Credit empowers customers to acquire more goods or services with limited cash they may have and pay in convenient future installments. Retailers not only increase their sales by offering credit, but also gain customer loyalty. Offering credit can also be a competitive advantage when the competition is not offering the same. Credit can be offered in-house by the Retailer or through an arrangement with an outside credit provider. When it is offered in-house, the Retailer earns additional margin by way of interest on credit while taking additional risk of delinquency.

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Ready Finance in Retail ViVA

The term Ready Finance connotes that credit or finance is immediately available for a customer to acquire goods or services. Ready finance could be by way of branded credit card or customized for each purchase of goods or services. While Ready Finance creates additional loyalty, the process of sanction should be pleasant and quick for customers. In the current era of Customer Experience playing a major role, poor customer experience in acquiring credit from a Retailer can push the customer to shift loyalties in no time. Further, a Ready Finance Module needs to have absolute integration with Point of Sale (POS) system for the effective fulfillment of credit delivery. Recent innovations in consumer financing have created an opportunity to extend credit to a wider range of customers. Seeing an opportunity, some forward-thinking Retailers have moved quickly to expand financing beyond primary lenders with second-look programs and other non-traditional solutions. This approach has been gaining in popularity as the Retail industry looks for revenue and market share that might otherwise be missed or captured by rivals.

Ready Finance is the provision of consumer credit at the point of purchase/checkout. Rather than leaving the customer to seek external finance, or make use of a credit card, modern Retailers incorporates a credit administration system into the customer journey. The need of the hour is for Ready Finance functionality which is scalable, fast, flexible, and agile. Retail ViVA’s Ready Finance module is a fit-for-purpose, integrated suite enabling Retailers to implement "buy now, pay later" options to their Customers.


  • End-to-end credit portfolio management functionality without needing to anything manually
  • Multiple credit product configuration management and customization for joint applicants
  • Delinquency management until recovery through bailiff
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


  • Faster loan approval time in view of structured process flow achieving better customer experience
  • Increased customer reach due to in-house Ready Finance and integrated Ready Finance Module
  • Enhanced customer service levels due to digitized flow of operations

With the integrated Ready Finance module from Retail ViVA

Retailers automate Credit reviews through Credit Management workflow process and implement credit decisions based on the collected credit data of Business-to-Business (B2B), Business-to-Consumer (B2C) and prospects with our standardized system. All the activities like initial credit review requests and creation of the credit application, credit scoring and analysis, to the final implementation of credit decisions, are included in our credit assessments. Retail ViVA’s Ready Finance module coves end-to-end credit cycle management right from prospecting to closure and monitoring. The module uses cutting edge technology including e-signature and is designed to operate in a paperless model.

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