Warehouse Management

Efficiency in motion – Elevate logistics with Warehouse Management

Retail consumers want to buy any where, fulfill anywhere, and return anywhere, as a matter of right. Retailers need to create systems that can meet this emerging consumer trend in a way that consumers have good experience in doing so. Modern Retailers need to implement intelligent, flexible, scalable, and smart solutions to effectively manage increasingly complex supply chains in the Retail industry while reducing operational expenses simultaneously. This can only be possible if there is good backbone systems that can receive goods, fulfill direct and store orders while ensuring optimum inventory levels are maintained. A good Warehouse Management System (WMS) that optimizes order fulfillment capabilities in real-time can greatly help Retailers achieve the above objectives.

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Modern Warehouse Management System (WMS) integrated with intelligent technologies helps to efficiently manage day-to-day functions in a warehouse. Warehouse Management System (WMS) software organizes receipt of goods, managing put-away, efficient picking to achieve better throughput, timely fulfillment to stores and customers, shipping, and managing inventory replenishment. These are inter-related activities that need constant monitoring as well as integration with other functional modules like Inventory, Procurement, Merchandising, Point of Sale, Supplier Portal, Customer Experience, e-commerce, and Content Services. Further, with intelligent use of hand-held or mobile terminals, a Warehouse Management System (WMS) operates in a paperless environment with rapid communication to accomplish things on time. A Warehouse Management System (WMS) prepares the Retailers for tomorrow’s supply chain, today.


  • Efficiency matrix for monitoring of various warehouse activities like picking, shipping etc., person wise
  • Timely replenishment to stores with license plat concept for easy recording
  • RFID, barcode, QR Code and hand-held terminals enabled
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


  • Increased On-Time Shipments
  • Improved Inventory Visibility and accuracy
  • Increased warehouse Productivity

An integrated Warehouse Management System (WMS)

brings in employee accountability, traceability of tasks that are accomplished, monitoring of speed of accomplishment, and measuring responsiveness to internal and external customers. Rapid warehouse optimization through Retail ViVA’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) helps Retailers efficiently control the movement and storage of their enterprise’s inventory. Through Retail ViVA’s Warehouse Management System (WMS), Retailers will have visibility on stock items received, picked, packed, and shipped. Retail ViVA’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) uses all of the warehouse gadgets like barcode scanners, mobile scanners, wireless and radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to accurately track the movement and storage of products to intermediate storage locations, or to fulfillment locations.

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