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Jacks of Fiji is an established retail company in Fiji Islands, serving local as well as foreign tourists. They specialize in selling local Fijian handicrafts and enhancing the livelihood of local Fijian craftspeople. Jacks wanted to integrate all their operations into a Single solution approach, getting away from silos of solutions they were using before the implementation of Retail ViVA. With the implementation of Retail ViVA, Jacks enhanced their efficiency by standardization and absolute automation

Key Challenges

  1. Silos of solutions, running five different un-integrated software
  2. Loads of manual reconciliation due to discrete systems
  3. No real-time visibility of stock at different locations
  4. Lack of controls resulting in pilferages
  5. No planned method of stock transfer between warehouse and stores
  6. Manual monthly transaction closures resulting in prolonged time for monthly reporting
  7. Unreliable data and reporting due to discrete unintegrated systems

The Retail ViVA change

  1. One single integrated solution covering all modules
  2. Smooth transition retiring legacy solutions without a single minute of business interruption
  3. Extensive training through a train-the-trainer methodology for user confidence
  4. 100% commitment from top management driving change
  5. Introduction of control to improve audit trail and several retail transformations to retire legacy processes

What Jacks Gained

  1. A robust Retail vertical ERP covering entire business functions
  2. Online and real-time visibility of stocks across locations
  3. Powerful reporting through canned and ad-hoc reports
  4. Employee productivity improvement
  5. Single source of truth for all reports due to integrated reporting
  6. Implementation of best practices built into Retail ViVA
  7. Gained payback on Retail ViVA investment

The Retail ViVA advantage

  1. The industry-specific vertical solution, built with 10+ years of retail consulting expertise
  2. One unified solution covering all functional modules including Point of Sales (POS)
  3. 100% online update solution without any batch processes, real-time visibility of stocks
  4. Robust and scalable solution with 24/7 support
  5. Improved customer satisfaction due to end-to-end digitization
  6. Migration and mapping of legacy data for trend analysis and reporting

Jacks of Fiji is a celebrated Retailer of choice to both native Fijians and tourist travelers. Jacks, initially established in 1969, with local handicrafts and souvenirs, expanded its product portfolio to include various categories like fashion apparel, jewellery, surf wear, resort wear, giftware, footwear, bula wear, cosmetics to name a few. Jacks was also spread over across major towns and cities across the island and served a good amount of Fijian and tourist population as a retailer of the first choice

The Retail Transformation need

Jacks of Fiji was straining to cope up with business growth due to legacy and unintegrated systems. Further, lose controls in legacy systems could not control pilferages at several store locations. The reporting was on batch mode, and during promotion times, the result of promotion success could be known only by the next day. Due to unintegrated software, data was not uniform, and several people presented several truths of same information. It is during this chaotic situation; management of Jacks realized the need to bring in a unified one solution approach and selected Retail ViVA after a rigorous solution selection approach. Jacks also realized that a Retail vertical solution is the best way to go rather than selecting generic ERP and going through long customization cycles.

Retail ViVA Implementation pathway

The moment project started, a single master plan was made which included the migration of legacy system, mapping existing and new business processes, understanding pilferage problems and mapping existing control in Retail ViVA to take care of them, new process understanding, best practice mapping and re-organizing existing process to map to new best practices, reporting and analytics that would best serve management and operational needs. A core project management team was created that coordinated well to be in sync through Sathguru’s online requirement analysis system. All requirements gathered were meticulously marked as closed as and when things were solutions in Retail ViVA

Pushing for real Retail Transformation

Once envisioned Retail ViVA was ready with all configuration, the change management was adopted with a positive vision exercise across the length and breadth of Jacks. Every user was felt important, and every buy-in was targeted so that all users own the new system for enhancing their efficiency and thereby improve customer satisfaction. Users could see their own productivity-increasing during the pilot and Go Live situations and started adopting the system in a welcome manner. Inventory visibility across store locations was a great boon, the status of customer orders for wholesale was available online, Customer loyalty was online, Discount and promotion controls could be centrally managed, daily till totals reconciliation made reporting more natural, daily trading reports were rolled out to management and online visibility of all transactions was available to control business throughout the working hours and after hours.

Final Thoughts

With Retail ViVA, Jacks could look to grow beyond without any fear of losing control and customer service standards. With a very high volume of transactions per day, Jacks was able to have information on demand from Retail ViVA’s online system and could get answers to their questions in real-time. Be it budgets, actual versus budgets, inventory position, inventory movement, vendor payments, customer outstanding, employee attendance, employee pay, human capital appraisals, smart sourcing at the right time, offers and promotions or customer loyalty, one single unified system of Retail ViVA which produced one single source of truth. The project started and ended as per plan, with envisioned project goals achieved in full, making it a model project to showcase

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